IN ASTURIAS OF COURSE, otherwise I was not calling IT Asturias B-Project 😀


 I have already find last year, some places in the Est part of Asturias, where there is less pollution problems, but I have to check much better the options, cause the most important thing is to find a place where there is fresh clean water easy to reach and space for green houses and the YURT-houses for Friends and for Special Guests.

Difficult?! maybe but I do not think so much cause there are a lot of these places around there with a “cabaña” and they are enough far away from civilisation as so many people run away long time ago and normally they are close to a water source.

I would like to move there next year  with my Van and Bram and renting a house or something like, where is possible to live and start already to do something useful and then try to find the right spot, the right place to sow; then with the smallest impact on the enviroment possible using clean energy there will be the possibility to live wihtout any dipendence and give a example and leave this place as a gift to the future generations.


If I cannot find the right place without too many bureaucratic and logistical problems….there are other options less suistainable but interesting and with less work to do….BUT not with this kind of seaside: and montains in such a small distance. 🙁









My Ukulele teacher is more good….with the flute and the harpsichord 😀


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