…of the B-Project is:

to find a BEAUTIFUL place, not so far away from mountains and seaside but far enough from civilisation, where in more or less 3 years we are going to build a self-sufficient bio didactic farm;


The plan is to grow the Best food possible, with special green houses (made by bamboo and hemp for example) using Permaculture and Blue Economy* concepts, surrounded by a huge forest, where it will be possible to practice different useful activities and understand the importance of the preservation of the wild life.

 With animals on the farm, We can help kids or disable people (Pet Therapy) for FREE and help to find themselves in an inspiring and creative environment to have workshops with that specific SPECIAL aim….or other kind of workshops with different Masters.

 Then if it will not be enough in the free time we can make some BIO-handcraft (0r if You prefer let’s called BIOart stuff), MUSIC, DANCE, THEATRE, VISUAL ART or other kind of interesting activities, when the KAYROS** is the Right One.


B-project is going to be a quiet place where animals will not be closed in cages (or even worse in cars :-)) and where it is going to be possible to completely relax in Harmony with “wildlife” that is more easy when You are sorround by IT; to make the connection with this amazing World by meditation and Enjoying the Present.




The first 3 years, at least, there will be a lot of work about doing some useful Permaculture land art, building eco houses and green houses, that actually can work also as a house…plus creating also a biowater landscape and a nice evinroment perfect to host and draw the attention of wild animals; To make this heavy work I am going to learn how to use some “tool” like this one:

This is not mine but I HAVE to buy one second hand soon; it will be the CHISEL of Asturias LAND ART, really useful even if not that ECO….but I am not that ECO-extremist. I am not against Technology, I am against idiot ways to use it!

Maybe it will not be possible to save the World 🙁

Maybe it is already too late or maybe it is just my pessimistic impression; anyway I do not wish to contribute to destroy IT anymore, as it looks like We are f###ing Up the only avaiBLE Planet We have got; this could be at least just a “easy” way to clean the conscience for who is coming after Us, that will soon, really soon see what We have done and left for THEM!

That’s why this accessible bio didactic farm should be open to “human puppies” to understand how to appreciate All this Wild Natural Beauty and trying to teach them to Respect it and how to use All Our powerful senses and get more sensible about the Big Eco Problem, with a lot of fun involved of course.

The Earth does not belong to man, it is the man who belongs to the Earth.                                                                                  TATANKA YOTANKA


For example I would like to rescue wild animals that have the need and cure them if a good VET will be “avaiABLE”.

Step by step, everything could be possible using the right amount of Energy.

I am sure about this!

Where I am living right now I started to do something similar, almost “alone” and without too many problems, even if Italy is the worst place to make it for different bureaucratic and contingent reasons and with a “little” investment.

Things are not difficult to realize, there is just the WILL to do things that normally is missing; I was really bad in organizing things for others and I am still not that good that’s why I need help but, for example I have organized a Modern Shamanism Workshop in my home in Italy, with an Amazing huruguayan Shaman and Her Amazing Assistent, just for few lucky people as I am living close to a forest; but ALONE I cannot do so many things, it is too stressful.

“San Daniele baguette” 2017 performed by BEA and her baguette

With some Help and more Freedom it will be possible to make something really Cool and especially Useful for everyone that will be involved.

It will be a mix of the Best Food possible, Meditation, Sport***, Arts and different kind of workshops but with a clear selfless aim, in the middle of a forest without the problem to pay bills or traffic jam or unnecessary noises.

Not a classical Peace&Love comunity, this will not be a comunity, as I know it is difficult to organize it, but few Friends that share the same ideas at least on few important things: like the RESPECT to ALL the other life forms Present and Future ones (human included!), but without any kind of extreme ideas…and then there are a lot of things possible to MAKE, “With a little help of My Friends”****     😉

“Same direction, Keeping the head down and the Ass Up” 2017; performed by Beeehlen 1 2 and 3

 I do not wish to feel like a sheep anymore, at least they have a good excuse to act like that.

This is the basic core of the B-project, it depends on things that will be possible to do, the realistic ones at least. Without to getting too many illusions and try to “fly” as an iron dragonfly (last picture down there!). I prefer the Natural one actually.


Another wonderful photo by IEN


This Web Site is just a fast “update”; to understand more of my ideas and the different possibilities of what this B-Project could be or Not to be, just get in contact with me, as soon as possible and I will try to explain You…right after You explain me Your ideas first.



“He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.”        I. KANT

*Blue Economy is a really interesting book written by GUNTER PAULI.

**Kairos is an ancient greek word (Καιρός) that more or less means to my point of view to wait the right time to make that thing….the right time for inspiration.

*** Sport is really important to be more healty so there will be a lot of things to do there…

Swimming, kayak, bike, archery, farmering  and a lot of other disciplines it will be possible to make it there.




What would you do if I sang out of tune
Would you stand up and walk out on me?
Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song
And I’ll try not to sing out of key

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

What do I do when my love is away
(Does it worry you to be alone?)
How do I feel by the end of the day
(Are you sad because you’re on your own?)

No, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

Do you need anybody
I need somebody to love
Could it be anybody
I want somebody to love

Would you believe in a love at first sight
Yes, I’m certain that it happens all the time
What do you see when you turn out the light
I can’t tell you but I know it’s mine

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

Do you need anybody
I Could it be anybody
I want somebody to love

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
with a little help from my friends”

I like very much the Woodstock Joe Cocker version 🙂




“Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the more often and steadily we reflect upon them: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me. I do not seek or conjecture either of them as if they were veiled obscurities or extravagances beyond the horizon of my vision; I see them before me and connect them immediately with the consciousness of my existence.”

It’s good you put a lot of your heart into your webpage. It is different/unique, so hold onto that.”    E.T.

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